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Japan Sugoi is committed to providing excellent services in the following areas: support to get Nenkin money, income tax refund and residence tax reduction, flight booking, labor export for interns, working, engineer workers in Japan. Consulting process:

  • Provide information on how to receive subsidies and tax refunds.
  • Estimate the amount received for the customer.
  • Free support in preparing documents.
  • Notice of time to receive money.
  • Solving problems with customer records.

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Our Services:

Japan income tax refund

Personal income tax is the duty and right of every citizen. In Japan, besides the resident tax depending on the area you live in, this tax makes up a significant amount of your income.

Residence tax refund

Residence tax (also known as resident tax) is a local tax in Japan. The purpose of this residence tax collection is to ensure funding for local services.

Nenkin – Pension lump sum

Nenkin/Pension lump sum is a pension insurance money, the payment of which is the obligation of all citizens over the age of 20 living and working in Japan, including foreigners.

Convert Visa Tokutei

Recently, Tokutei visa has received the attention of many foreign workers in general and Vietnamese & Philippines workers working in Japan in particular, especially Japanese interns. This new visa program is highly appreciated for its attractive salary regime and many advantages for employees in the working process.

Book flight tickets Japan – Vietnam/Philippines

In parallel with the reopening of commercial flights from Japan to Vietnam/Philippines, domestic and international airlines have operated direct flights. Accordingly, passengers can choose direct flights from airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Japan Airlines… to save time. Most of the direct flights will depart from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya… to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi.

Support to receive maternity benefits

To encourage people to have children, Japan has implemented many supportive policies for children and families. These policies and social welfare regimes are mostly applied to all families with children living in Japan.

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Sugoi Japan quickly complete my tax refund application and I got my 4-years-income-tax-refund within 2 months.


Ravelo Zeeb


Sugoi Japan's staff is really helpful, she answered all of my questions. From have no understanding about pension lump sum, now, I know how much I going to be paid by the goverment. Thank you!


Anna Marie G Cahutay


I have some issues with my documents. I already asked for other company but they can't fix it . By friend's referral, I know and work with Sugoi Japa and now I got my tax refund with thin 2 months. Thanks a lot.


Remittance companies

Trusted remittance companies in Japan

Sugoi Japan corporates with many remittance company to do tax refund & pension lump sum for customers.

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Japan Sugoi Company Limited provides Nenkin services, translation, applying for tax refund, tax exemption, maternity support for foreigners students and workers in Japan.



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