Service to support receive birth allowance in Japan

Service to support receive birth allowance in Japan

Currently, the number of Vietnamese in Japan is increasing, along with the increase of Vietnamese couples in Japan. In which, many couples do not dare to have children because of the high medical costs in Japan. However, in Japan, two types of insurance are applied to support couples having children: “birth allowance ” and “money received when giving birth “, two types of insurance. This insurance is completely different. So how is it different and what are the conditions to receive these two types of insurance, let’s learn about these two types of insurance.

I. Distinguish two types of insurance “birth allowance 出産手当金” and “money received when giving birth 出産育児一時金”.

  1. Fertility allowance 出産手当金.

This is the amount of insurance you will receive during the birth of your baby. It is akin to unemployment benefits, i.e. during childbirth and pregnancy before giving birth, you quit your job and can’t work then you will receive a benefit depending on your current salary. your.

  1. Money received when giving birth 出産育児一時金.

This is the amount of insurance that helps pay for the hospital bills when the baby is born. This amount depends on the region, the level of insurance support will vary, and if you give birth in Vietnam you can still receive this insurance amount.

Based on the above two types of insurance, if you are working in Japan and give birth to a child, you can receive these two types of insurance with a huge amount of more than 100 man yen. This amount will partly help you reduce economic worries when giving birth in Japan.

II. Learn more about the two types of insurance.

Fertility allowance 出産手当金.

a. Conditions for receiving subsidies.

You need to meet the following conditions to receive fertility benefits 出産手当金 :

Condition 1: Working in Japan: Even if you are not an official employee of the company, you work part-time, you can still receive this allowance.

Condition 2: Participating in health insurance at work, company: If you satisfy condition 1 but you do not participate in insurance at work, you will not receive this allowance. Even if you participate in other types of private insurance.

Condition 3: Pregnancy over 4 months: even if you have a miscarriage, you will still receive this allowance if you have been pregnant for more than 4 months.

Condition 4: Leave work because of childbirth. If you give birth and still try to work, you will not receive this benefit amount.

b. Paperwork to be prepared.

  • First you need to contact the company, the workplace to report about wanting to receive child support.

This is done as soon as you learn of your pregnancy and plan to quit your job to have a baby. You need to report to the company that you want to receive maternity benefits. The company will then be responsible for guiding you through the steps to receive benefits.

  • Application for subsidy

You can down load here. Or come to receive an application for fertility benefits from the Health Insurance Association 全国健康保険協会, when you arrive, you will be given more specific instructions on the necessary procedures and details of the application form.

  • Documents to be prepared when applying.

Application for fertility benefits

Photocopy of Mynumber card or identification documents such as alien card, driver’s license… Bring the original when submitting.

Health insurance健康保険証(photocopy)

Mother and baby handbook 母子手帳 (photocopy)


Proof of the company or business owner you are working for.

  • Address to submit documents at: nearest Health Insurance Association 全国健康保険協会.

c. Amount received.

Depending on your salary, the amount of benefits will vary:

For example, your base salary is 20 man yen/month the amount you get is:

1 day = (200000/30)*(2/3)= 4444 yen/day

Then you multiply by the number of leave days:   42 days before birth + 56 days after birth = 98 days.

The amount you get is 4444*98= 435555 yen.

So if your base salary is 20 man yen/month then the allowance you will receive will be about 43 man yen. Note that the above calculation is approximate and may change over time. You need to ask the meeting insurance company to calculate more details and accurately for you.

d. Frequently asked Questions.

Q1: Will I receive maternity benefits after maternity leave and unpaid leave?

A1: You can only receive benefits once your application has been completed and approved by the Health Insurance Association 全国健康保険協会.

Q2: How long is the maternity benefit supported?

A2: Up to 98 days including 42 days before birth and 56 days after birth.

Q3: What is the 1 day amount I receive?

A3: The amount of 1 day received is equal to the monthly salary (apply the salary for about 12 months before the time of application) divided by 30 and multiplied by 2/3.

Q4: What if I give birth later than expected.

A4: You will still receive the full 98 days of benefits.

Q5: Do I have to apply twice before and after giving birth?

A5: You only need to apply once and it will be valid both before and after giving birth.

Q6: If I quit my job, will I receive benefits?

A6: You can still receive benefits if the following conditions are met:

  • The insurance period is more than 1 year.
  • Leave work at the time of receiving benefits 42 days before the birth.

Money received when giving birth 出産育児一時金.

a. Conditions for receiving subsidies.

  • Participating in national insurance or health insurance… in Japan, even if you do not directly participate in the insurance but are only dependent insurance according to your husband or parents living and working in Japan, you can still get the birth allowance 出産育児一時金.
  • Pregnancy period more than 4 months.
  • Some localities require the mother’s status of residence to be more than 1 year. Depending on the locality, the regime is different, it is best to ask the insurance department directly at the local committee where you live 市役所.

b. Paperwork to be prepared.

Procedures for receiving subsidies in this case are divided into two types:

Type 1: The wife participates in independent insurance or because the wife’s income is over 120 man / year should be separated from the national insurance 国民健康保険. In this case, you will receive insurance in the locality where you are living and apply at the insurance office in 市役所.

Type 2: Your insurance depends on your husband. In this case, the husband will contact the company directly for instructions on how to submit the application or directly contact the insurance agency where he has the insurance card.

In case of birth in Japan:

In this case, there are 3 ways to receive benefits:

Option 1: Direct payment mode 直接支払制度 .

If you use this method, the hospital where you give birth will directly work with the insurance agency, you just need to sign the papers and pay the difference. This is the way that most people born in Japan and Japanese people use because it is relatively simple, fast.

Method 2: Authorization mode to receive money 受取代理制度 .

With this method, you will have to go to the insurance agency to authorize the receipt of insurance money for the hospital you designate before giving birth. After giving birth, you only need to pay the difference. This way is a bit more complicated and the procedure you need to prepare is also more.

Option 3: Claim payment after giving birth 直接請求 .

This way is that you directly pay the hospital fees, then follow the procedure to apply for insurance benefits later. This method is relatively complicated and currently very few people use it.

If you were born in Vietnam.

If you were born in Vietnam, you will still receive a child birth allowance if you meet the conditions for receiving the benefit. However, the amount of the benefit may be slightly less depending on many different factors and depending on the regime in which you live.

Note: it is necessary to complete the procedure to receive money after giving birth within 2 years, if it is more than 2 years, it is not possible to apply for benefits anymore.

Documents to prepare:

Birth certificate with Japanese translation

Certificate of registration to receive birth allowance 出産育児一時金申請書

Confirmation of hospital fees and expenses for childbirth at the place of birth and attached with a Japanese translation

Mother’s Insurance

Mother’s Passport

Mother and baby handbook

The seal of the mother if the mother is insured independently, of the husband if the wife is under the insurance of the husband

Mother’s bank book in Japan if wife is insured independently, husband’s if wife is under husband’s insurance.

In case of authorizing another person to receive on behalf of the family, in addition to the above documents, there must also be:

authorization letter

The seal of the authorized person

Authorized person’s bank book

After completing the above documents, submit to the committee while living in Japan 市役所 or at the company where the husband is working if the mother is under the insurance of her husband.

c. Amount received.

The amount you can receive depends on each locality that the mode is different. Basically you will get about 40 man yen.

d. Frequently asked Questions.

Q1: If the hospital fee amount is lower than the subsidized amount, will I receive the difference?

A1: Yes. In this case, you will receive the difference after completing some procedures. If the amount of the hospital bill is less than the allowance, the hospital where you gave birth will guide you to get this amount back.

Q2: Is it necessary to register with the Health Insurance Association 全国健康保険協会?

A2: Not necessary. You only need to present your health insurance card at the hospital.

Q3: If I quit my job before my baby is born, will I receive maternity allowance 出産育児一時金?

A3: Yes. Still receive the allowance if the pregnancy is more than 4 months and has continuously participated in the insurance for more than 1 year.

Above is all the knowledge about birth support in Japan that you need to know if you are married and living in Japan.

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